Edgybees Secures Major Leap in Geospatial Analysis with Cutting-Edge Georegistration Patent

Edgybees, a global leader in georegistration software, announced today its pivotal patent, “Improving Geo-Registration Using Machine-Learning Based Object Identification” (US Pub 2024/0020968). This revolutionary patent introduces an advanced geo-synchronization system that enhances the precision and reliability of georegistration processes by utilizing machine learning algorithms for dynamic object identification in aerial imagery.

Edgybees CEO, Shay Har-Noy, said that this “is a groundbreaking development that redefines the landscape of geospatial analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It describes AI-based technology to align full motion video (FMV) from drones and other aircraft to a reference map, dramatically improving the positional accuracy of every pixel in the video. Any map overlays are immediately accurate to the video feed, and pilots and analysts have context for the where and when of the video feed with certainty.”

The crux of the invention lies in its application of a trained Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to identify dynamic objects within these images. By tagging these objects, the system drastically improves the accuracy and success rate of mapping efforts, enabling greater precision and improved analysis of terrestrial surfaces.

The implications of this patent are profound for the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and GIS communities, offering unparalleled improvements in areas such as infrastructure monitoring, environmental conservation, disaster management, and homeland security operations. “This patent is not just an innovation; it’s a transformation. By integrating AI with aerial imaging, we’re not only enhancing the accuracy of geospatial analyses but also paving the way for new applications and efficiencies in various sectors,” said Nitay Megides, CTO of Edgybees. “This underlies our commercial products that co-register still images on the fly from satellites, airplanes and drones, ensuring data is accurate for mapping and AI.”

This technology is critical to defense today, aiding pilots in navigation and analysts collecting GEOINT in theaters like Gaza and Ukraine. This is especially critical as GPS interference is becoming the norm in conflicts, affecting accuracy for targeting, navigation, and situational awareness.

About Edgybees

Edgybees is committed to delivering actionable and reliable spatial content for a safer world. Their innovative software, powered by advanced computer vision, AI, and machine learning technologies, accurately aligns aerial video and satellite imagery with reference data in real time. This enables defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure organizations to navigate complex operational environments with industry-leading accuracy.