Edgybees SKY

Aligning Satellite Imagery with the Real World

Are your satellite images telling the real story?

Satellite images are amazing for what they can tell us about what’s happening around the world. But did you know that the locational accuracy and precision of these images can be off by as much as 200 meters?

Accurate location data you can act on.

Edgybees SKY software georegisters or co-registers your satellite imagery to your choice of foundation base – in seconds – delivering accurately aligned images that you can confidently rely on for operational decisions while removing the need for time-consuming and costly manual corrections.

Uncorrected Satellite Image: 
Location of features off by 80m

Corrected Satellite Image:
Precise location features within 1-3m

The precision you need to make your AI excel.

AI-powered change detection and situational awareness solutions are only as good as the imagery data they use. Inaccurately positioned images could severely compromise the output of your algorithms.

Edgybees enhances your satellite images , ensuring you have clean data to make your AI solution highly reliable and trustworthy.

The Edgybees Difference