Image courtesy of Resolute ISR

Edgybees MX: Aerial FMV

Bringing Accuracy and Context to Full-Motion Video. Instantly.

Don’t let the wrong location data throw you off.

While Full-Motion Video can be a lifesaving tool in critical operations, it is too frequently compromised by inaccurate location data.

Geographic coordinates derived from sensor metadata are often misplaced by 20 meters or more from their real-world location, resulting in distorted information that can impede situational awareness and timely decision making.

Accurate Full-Motion Video you can rely on, in real time.

Using patented AI algorithms and satellite reference data, Edgybees’ software corrects your Full-Motion Video in real time, delivering locational accuracy within a meter or two.

Now add Context to make time-sensitive decisions.

We use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to visually augment live video feeds with highly accurate overlays of roads, key landmarks, and other mission-critical data that operators and analysts need to make time-sensitive decisions.

All in real time.

What sets Edgybees apart