Transforming Satellite & Motion Imagery into Actionable Insight

Automated | Accurate | Real-Time

Positioning of Full-Motion Video and satellite imagery can be off by 10s to 100s of meters.

Fixing inaccurate Full-Motion Video and satellite images used by commercial and government operators and analysts is both time consuming and costly, often compromising your ability to make timely informed decisions.

That’s where Edgybees makes the difference with an automated, software-only solution that is accurate, fast, and affordable.

Instantly align satellite and motion imagery with the real world.

Our AI-powered software improves the position accuracy of aerial video (like that from drones) and satellite imagery on the fly.

With enhanced precision down to 1-3 meters, Edgybees provides a single reliable source of truth for geographical positioning across video, images, and reference maps.

Enhance human and machine-based analysis for change detection and situational awareness.

Edgybees software can be easily integrated into your technology stack and operational workflows, empowering intelligence analysts to make timely and better-informed decisions.

Machine-based analysis is also better with Edgybees. With imagery and location data accurately aligned, your machine learning algorithms can reliably automate change detection and situational analysis.

Bring clarity, accuracy, and speed to mission-critical operations.

Never miss a location when every second counts. Edgybees provides visual context in real time, highlighting roads, buildings, and other important location data on top of your satellite and motion imagery.

Mission-Tested Technology