Edgybees brings full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scene

by creating collaborative virtual worlds on top of any real world scene

Our Augmented Real-time Intelligence™ fuses computer vision, multi-sensor data analytics and 3D video generation to provide a simple visual layer of highly accurate, real-time information. The result is instant clarity and collaboration within even the most complex operational environments.

Proven Today In Mission-Critical First Responders Operations

“Motorola sees powerful potential for Edgybees’ AR software to help us deliver rich, real-time intelligence to public safety and commercial users during the moments that matter.”


Paul Steinberg

CTO, Motorola Solutions

“The Edgybees technology platform has opened up a whole new world of application capabilities and use cases for DJI’s top-of-the-line hardware devices. Public safety of all sectors will benefit from the AR capabilities Edgybees is bringing to drones.”


Romeo Durscher

Director, DJI

The Edgybees AR Platform Empowers First Responders
With Our Cutting Edge AR Visual Intelligence Software

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