VP Finance / CFO

Edgybees · Full-time

About The Position

Edgybees is the industry’s leading provider of geo-registration technology for real-time, full motion video (FMV). Edgybees software-only solution performs high-accuracy, reliable geo-rectification of FMV, agnostic of the payload and modality. The geo-registered video enhances a wide range of solutions including GPS-Independent Navigation, FMV Augmentation, Object Detection and Tracking, 3D Modelling and more. Edgybees also augments FMV with virtual contextual information layers, providing pilots, payload operators, and imagery analysts with comprehensive situational awareness on a single screen, minimizing cognitive load and enhancing operator efficiency.

Key customers include the US Air Force, US Navy Special Warfare, US SOCOM, and the California Air National Guard.

We are searching for a VP Finance / CFO to join our growing team in Israel!

We are seeking a dynamic VP Finance / CFO, with proven leadership abilities and communication skills, who will help lead the company through its next wave of growth. You will have overarching responsibility for all financial aspects of the company, and will be an integral member of the senior leadership team. This seasoned financial and business strategist will not only be an expert in current accounting practices and financial trends, but will also have proven experience raising capital, working with a BOD in a start-up environment, and be capable of rapidly adapting to change. 

What Will You Do:

  • Serve as a trusted advisor to the CEO and Chairman of the BOD
  • Build and maintain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, employees, and customers by leading the strategy and building the operating model for total financial control
  • Create business processes and best practices, including all accounting policies that comply with local legislation, to ensure adequate financial oversight and risk management is in place at all times globally 
  • Budgeting, cost-modeling, forecasting, cash and equity management, global tax planning and compliance, subsidiary financial planning and oversight, as well as day-to-day operations such as payroll, employee expense management, invoicing, collections, monthly close processes, and mandatory reporting to all tax authorities, etc.
  • All things legal, including evaluating all legal and financial agreements with end users, strategic partners, and suppliers to ensure appropriate terms and controls are in place
  • Day to day operational and administrative tasks


  • 10+ years of proven experience in executive leadership VP Finance positions, including early stage start-ups
  • Strong leadership skills, steadfast resolve, and high personal integrity
  • Registered CPA with outstanding data analysis and forecasting abilities
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate financial law, risk management practices, advanced accounting principles, regulatory issues, tax planning, and International expansion requirements
  • Extensive experience in leading financing rounds, investor relations, and M&A activity
  • Masters degree in accounting, business accounting, or finance preferred

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