The Edgybees Technology Platform

The Edgybees platform bridges the gap between real-world, fast-moving platforms, and high-level application engines.

Our engine uses information gathered from real-world sensors and other devices, such as cameras, GPS, IMU (inertial measurement unit), altitude meters, etc. to create reliable and credible reconstruction of the device’s motion in 3D. It further provides lighting that corresponds to the scene, and (in conjunction with cloud-based sources) representation of obstacles and other objects.

The physical device is abstracted into a 3D point in the application engine space, allowing rapid development of games and other real-time applications.

The video generated by the application engine is time-synced and applied over the actual video transmitted from the device, creating an immersive augmented reality experience, where real and virtual objects interact in a natural and customer-pleasing fashion.


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Multiple devices communicate in real time over a local network

To achieve optimal user experience in multi-player cooperative applications, a coherent, synchronized reproduction of reality needs to be established by the participating devices. The Edgybees platform establishes a low-latency network between the devices involved in an application, and coordinates an up-to-the-millisecond accurate map of their respective locations.

Flight data is streamed for further processing in the cloud

Information gathered by the Edgybees software, including terrain altitude, location of obstacles, and users’ flight patterns are streamed by the Edgybees platform to our back-end servers. Using big-data algorithms, we analyze the data to generate accurate, constantly-improving maps of the terrain and obstacles.

Package Content

Native libraries

Our platform-optimized libraries handle communication with the fast-motion device and perform video processing, sensor fusion, motion artifact concealment, low-latency network establishment and more.

The native libraries are available for both Android (6.0.1 and above) and iOS (10.0.2 and above).

Game engine plug-ins

The Game engine plug-ins allow users of game development engines (such as Unity3D) to seamlessly integrate the native libraries with their application and make use of the fast-motion device as an abstract object in the game space.