Edgybees LTD Establishes U.S. Entity to Provide Advanced Georegistration Solutions for Government and Commercial Sectors

Edgybees LTD, a global leader in georegistration software, announced today the establishment of a new U.S. entity, Edgybees Inc. The new entity will provide advanced solutions to the U.S. government, states, and the commercial sector to enable faster, more accurate and detailed analysis of imagery derived from aerial and satellite imaging sensors. Edgybees’ solutions will improve efficiencies and decision-making capabilities in support of commercial and national security needs.

The newly-established Edgybees Inc. Board of Directors includes the chairman, Bradley Feldmann, chairman and CEO of Neology Inc. and former chairman, president, and CEO of Cubic Corporation; Darryl Garrett, consultant and globally recognized intelligence expert; and Keith J. Masback, geospatial intelligence consultant and owner of Plum Run, LLC.

Edgybees LTD CEO, Shay Har-Noy, said that the new U.S. entity will “expand our services and strengthen our position within federal agencies and in the commercial sector. We look to Brad, Darryl, and Keith for their expertise and guidance as we undertake this milestone and expand our U.S. footprint.”

Feldmann stated that the new U.S. organization is “critically important as both federal and commercial customers are seeking advanced solutions to meet the growing demand for accurate, real-time satellite and full-motion video (FMV) imagery to enhance safety and security.”

Representatives from Edgybees LTD and Edgybees Inc. will be at booth #2301 during the GEOINT 2023 Symposium in St. Louis next week to demonstrate the latest version of their satellite software. This software is designed to enhance the accuracy of satellite imagery by aligning it to ground truth within two to three meters of accuracy in less than 15 seconds using a unique georegistration solution. This recent update reduces discrepancies and provides clear, concise context for consumers of satellite imagery across all industries.

About Edgybees

Edgybees is committed to delivering actionable and reliable spatial content for a safer world. Their innovative software, powered by advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies, accurately aligns aerial video and satellite imagery with reference data in real time. This enables defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure organizations to navigate complex operational environments with industry-leading accuracy.