DronePrix AR

Enter the exciting world of Drone Prix AR. A new competitive AR game that uses your real world drone to create new exhilarating experiences. Watch your screen to view the new augmented world around your drone, follow the path to victory while collecting coins and avoiding dangerous obstacles.

With Drone Prix AR you can compete against pilots around the world in dozens of different tracks and arenas. Drone Prix AR will test your piloting skills and push them to the limit. Reach the checkpoints while racing against the clock. Drone Prix AR will bring new life to your amazing drone. Race to the top of the leaderboard and prove you are the champion of Drone Prix AR.

You need a drone to play DronePrix AR. The game is an augmented reality application that uses the Drone and its camera for operation.

Game Features

  • Global Leaderboard

    Compete against other pilots around the world. Choose the track you want to master and see your opponents. Get to the top, but remember that your rivals are just behind you.

  • Choose your location

    Launch your drone into the air, at your local official arena, your backyard or wherever you fly your drone, and experience a whole new level of entertainment.

  • Amazing and challenging Tracks

    Move through dozens of AR tracks. Each track will push your skills to the next level in accuracy and speed. Evade obstacles while manipulating your drone in the air.

  • Crisp Video and AR Excitement

    See the world around you like never before. View the places you know through a whole new perspective with augmented layer of tracks, obstacles, collectables and more.

  • Various challenges for all levels

    Obstacle courses are increasingly challenging, with basic flight knowledge required to complete the first few levels, and obstacles – static, moving and intelligent – waiting in the more advanced ones.

  • Race Against Time

    Beat your personal time in each track to gain the coveted THREE STARS rank. Collect all the coins for maximum points, but don’t forget to reach the finish line!

Supported Devices

You need a drone to play DronePrix AR. The game is an augmented reality application that uses the Drone and its camera for operation. List of supported devices:

  • DJI Mavic

  • DJI Spark

  • DJI Phantom 3

  • DJI Phantom 4


What is Augmented Reality and how does it work with drones?

Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world with the virtual: the most popular recent example is the game Pokemon GO. When used with drones, the “real world” images come from the camera attached to the drone in the sky. The virtual world is superimposed on that image and appears on the drone pilot’s smartphone or tablet.

How is DronePrix AR different from the existing DJI application, DJI GO 4?

The DJI GO 4 is used to fly drones, track their location and take pictures and video. DronePrix AR, developed in cooperation with DJI goes a step further by creating exciting challenges that allow drone pilots to compete with one another for the fastest time and greatest skill. Initially, it is being released as a single-player game with a leaderboard for competition. In the near future, players will be able to fly and compete simultaneously using a multiplayer format.

What is the objective of playing DronePrix AR?

DronePrix AR allows pilots to improve their drone flying skills while competing against other pilots and having fun. The game features dozens of virtual obstacle courses, at increasing levels of difficulty. Pilots must navigate the course while collecting checkpoints and prizes and avoiding obstacles, and complete it before the clock runs out. Players are rewarded for both speed and accuracy. Collect enough stars to unlock even more challenges!

What are the safety implications of using the DronePrix AR?

Piloting a drone while playing DronePrix AR is essentially the same as flying a DJI drone using DJI GO 4. The extensive features that DJI has developed to avoid obstacles, stay out of restricted areas, and help drone pilots fly responsibly all remain in place when flying using DronePrix AR.

Can I play DronePrix AR indoors?

Yes! The game is playable both indoors and outdoors. Make sure you have enough room to fly – 20x20x8 meters (65x65x26 feet) or more is recommended. For best alignment, place the drone along the edge of the area where you want to fly, pointing to the right of the area.

The obstacle course is close to physical obstacles in my environment. Can I re-align it?

Yes, you can re-align the course by pressing the compass button.

I see the course and press the START banner but nothing happens.

The banner marks the start of the obstacle course. Act as if it is really there, and fly your drone straight through it.

I want to try DronePrix AR, but GooglePlay lists my Android device as "not supported".

Many Android devices are already supported, and their users can get the app by following the download link.

We are working on extending the supported Android devices list. Users that are interested in helping us test the software on additional devices are welcome to contact us.

While loading the game, the progress bar is stuck halfway and nothing happens.

There is a point during game initialization in which leaderboard information, level updates and additional data is are loaded from Edgybees backend servers. On some Internet connections, this can take time, particularly when a player loads the game for the first time. Please be patient and check to determine if the progress bar is actually stuck or if it is advancing slowly. We are currently working on optimizing this part of the initialization process.

Where do I turn for customer support?

Please send an email to our support team at gamesupport@edgybees.com. Please describe the issue you encounter in detail.

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