Droneprix AR

DronePrix AR is a competitive AR game that allows drone pilots to compete with one another for the fastest time and greatest skill. Developed in cooperation with drone market leader DJI, DronePrix AR allows pilots to improve their flying abilities in an exciting augmented world around their drone with challenging virtual obstacle courses, with increasing levels of difficulty. Pilots navigate a course, avoid obstacles, collect prizes and compete against pilots around the world on dozens of tracks and arenas, testing their skills and connecting socially in real time to the worldwide community of drone enthusiasts.

Drone FX

Drone FX is a social and entertaining drone photo sharing app. Drone pilots can enhance their pictures and videos with virtual objects and creatures – they can fly with dragons, take selfies with a unicorn, reinvent themselves as soaring superheroes, or place a flashy virtual sports car in their own driveway.

Users can immediately share their photos and videos with friends across social networks directly from the app.

Sky Skreemers

A real-time action game for drone pilots, Sky Skreemers lets players engage in high-action, adrenaline-filled combat. The pilots can cooperate to reach their targets in multi-player missions or compete in one-on-one dogfights, to determine who dominates the sky.