Augmented reality for first responders.

First Response suite

First Response is a drone applications suite used by fire, police and state and local governments. The First Response suite contains three software tools that enhance the situational awareness of pilots and commanders:

– First Response Air Pilot app Brings Augmented Reality, map layers, markers and SMS to the drone pilot.

– Command and Control allows the commanders to monitor drones, personnel, and other assets.

– Tracker app allows pilots and commanders to track personnel and assets by integrating them into video streams and maps.

First Response Air – pilot app

First response air is the first pilot app developed specifically for first responders.

First response augments live drone video feeds with geo-information layers. Overlays including maps, building layouts, points of interest, user-generated markers and other data layers are available.

Command and Control. Keep your aerial fleet in sight

The Command and Control SW brings aerial situation awareness to your PC, mobile device and control room. Commanders can see all video feeds, maps, assets location, and additional information layers on a unified display.

Keep your personnel in sight with Tracker app

Keeping a situational picture of your team members’ location and status during a critical mission is the top priority for First Responders commanders.

The Tracker app by Edgybees transforms every IOS or Android device into a location transponder, allowing you to track your team members’ location in real-time.