Introducing First Response  from Edgybees

For pilots, information is power

  • Fly Aware

    Real-time on-screen overlays for street maps, power lines and infrastructure

  • Never Get Lost

    Drop precise geo-markers by tapping on screen to select and save a location for future reference, or stream back to a dispatch center

  • Fly Connected

    Pilots can subscribe to live feeds of markers and points of interest from command centers and dispatchers.

  • Feel confident

    First Response is a control app built from the ground up in close conjunction with DJI and is optimized for stability & reliability

First Response is now available for download


Street & infrastructure maps

When flying in scenarios as routine as dawn/dusk or nighttime missions, or when responding to exceptional cases in flooded areas or through smoke canopies, pilots can be sure of their location with Edgybees. Street maps and major landmarks are available out of the box.

Real-time marker editing & sharing

Share location data between teams with real-time marker and waypoint streaming. Command centers and dispatchers can keep forward-deployed pilots updated with incoming distress signals, and pilots can capture and share back the precise coordinates of any point in their field of view by tapping their screens.

Manage connected or while offline

Edgybees First Response intelligently manages caching of key mapping and GIS data so that pilots can call the right information whenever they need it – whether in a location with cellular backhaul or without.


“We were excited to see the Edgybees capabilities when testing its augmented reality mapping application in Florida this hurricane season. We’re eager to see these capabilities grow and to benefit from new AR applications for our future drone-based emergency response missions.”

Ryan English

Co-founder & CEO, FLYMOTION

Deploy AR in a flash

Edgybees augmented reality mapping and situational awareness applications are software-only solutions, meaning you can deploy them in a matter of hours.

If you are a fire, police, or search & rescue team in the US and are already running drone operations, chances are that you already have the tools you need to get started.

Edgybees works natively with the following aerial platforms, with more being added soon:


What is Augmented Reality and how does it work with drones?

Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world with the virtual. When used with drones, the “real world” images come from the camera attached to the drone in the sky. The virtual world is superimposed on that image and appears on the drone pilot’s smartphone or tablet. This means that pilots can visualize geo information in real-time and in an intuitive way.

Are you compatible with other UAS platforms?

Yes. The First Response application is built on the highly adaptable Edgybees AR engine, and we are in the midst of porting it to run on platforms from other drones through large-format UAS platforms.

Can I use First Response with my existing drone software?

For agencies using DJI drones, the DJI GO 4 app is used to fly drones, track their location and take pictures and video. Edgybees replaces the DJI GO 4 app with its own control app. Edgybees developed the First Response app in conjunction with DJI such that it will work seamlessly with your existing DJI hardware, but offer Edgybees’ AR capabilities.

What mapping data do you pull from?

Edgybees First Response pulls from a broad and detailed open sourced street mapping database, OpenStreetMap, to power its streets and landmarks out of the box. Furthermore, First Response is a highly extensible app and can accept many GIS data sources, including proprietary databases run by your agencies or partner organizations.