Automotive, Media & Commercial solutions


An AR driving application that projects directly onto a vehicle’s windshield can provide navigation instructions, highlights potential hazards, and provides information such as vehicle speed and fuel gauge, all integrated into a real-world view. Drivers can benefit from technology assistance without taking their eyes off the road.

Broadcast media

The Edgybees broadcast media solution creates immersive storytelling experiences. With the ability to be deployed by small remote drone or aerial footage teams, Edgybees platform allows the AR overlays to be manipulated by the remote team or by studio artists while broadcasting live.

Real Estate, Architecture and Urban Planning

A landscape planning AR application which enables city planners, exterior designers, architects and realtors to explore new dimensions for architectural concepts and plans.

Professionals can harness drones equipped with augmented reality imaging to improve designs in real time, in actual size, in the target environment.

Construction and Urban Development

An AR application that creates a real-time detailed display of underground infrastructure where heavy machinery operates, for better management of construction sites.

Teams engaged in building and public works can translate information on the location of underground pipes and other invisible hazards into a detailed visual overlay, allowing surveyors and machine operators to navigate safely and accurately.

Agriculture and Land management

Farmers have access to tremendous amounts of data regarding the state of their crops, from sensors, satellites and sophisticated irrigation systems. With a customized AR application, that information is transformed into an interactive display used for aerial farm surveying and addressing problems.

Security and inspection for high value facilities

With an application that combines augmented reality with artificial intelligence algorithms, operators of industrial  inspection drones can quickly detect where industrial facilities infrastructure face potential hazards.

This ability dramatically increases the speed at which oil, gas, or water pipelines, oil rigs, wind turbines or solar panels can be surveyed and damage repaired, enhancing reliability and reducing costs.