Senior DevOps Lead

Edgybees · Full-time

About The Position

Founded in 2016, Edgybees provides accurate geo-registration and augmented reality of aerial video in real-time, enabling defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure command centers to accomplish life-saving missions. To date, the referencing and positioning of streamed video from aerial sources has been inaccurate, often with dangerous consequences. Edgybees’ Visual Intelligence Platform, a software-only solution based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, delivers highly accurate geo-mapping and tagging of aerial video in real time. This unique approach allows for rapid decision-making by visually augmenting roads, key landmarks and other mission-critical data on top of live video feeds – via its own platform or by integrating with third-party systems. Edgybees’ operational perspective dramatically reduces time-to-target and enhances team collaboration, situational awareness and mission effectiveness.

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The Edgybees platform was initially used in 2017 to aid first responders during Hurricane Irma. It was subsequently used in 2018 during Hurricane Florence and, in 2019, to facilitate rescue during the California wildfires. The successful application of Edgybees technology in these mission-critical situations led the defense industry to the company.

We are searching for a Senior DevOps Lead to join our fast-growing team in Israel and make an impact!

What you will do:

As a Senior DevOps Lead, you will lead the design, implementation, and support solutions for CI/CD pipelines, Monitoring, and dashboards, Central Logging, On-prem & auto-scaling Cloud deployments using the latest technologies and practices - Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/GCP, Azure, Prometheus & Grafana, Elastic Search, etc.

You will use your development experience to invest heavily in automating and integrating solutions around our unique Augmented reality and real-time video platform. Last but not least, you will be responsible for managing and supporting our production environments, performing root-cause-analysis, and investigating and troubleshooting issues.

You will report directly to the VP of R&D.


  • BSc in Computer Science or a related field (or equivalent experience)
  • Vast Experience with Linux, Git, CI/CD pipelines, and Jenkins
  • Experience with Cloud platforms
  • Vast and hands-on experience with Docker & Kubernetes
  • Strong development background (not just bash and scripts)
  • Experience in managing a production environment
  • Experience with Monitoring and Logging solutions
  • Good knowledge around Networking, Storage and Security
  • Leader mentality - Own things, lead your team and peers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced environment with tight schedules.
  • English - written and spoken.

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