Augmenting reality is our everyday work!

Edgybees has created a cutting-edge technology for augmented reality and high speed platforms. Our team includes employees of Amazon Prime Air, Plarium, and other world renowned companies.

We are looking for top-notch Software Developers, Marketing Experts, QA Engineers and Drone Pilots to join us!

If you are:

  • Computer Vision Expert

    To develop ground-breaking drone AR applications.

  • C++, Java, Swift and/or Python master

    Who feels at home with everything from Google Play Services to Real-Time drivers

  • Master marketer

    With the ability to open any door, plan and run any campaign, and make any business opportunity happen

  • Ruthless bug hunter

    Who lets no feature be released without going through it with a fine-tooth comb

  • Art Designer

    With keen attention to details and ability to create great visuals

And in addition

  • Insist on delivering the right product, at the right quality, and on time
  • Are addicted to the rush of shipping products at scale
  • Agree that working hard, in fast-changing environment and under pressure can be Fun

Then we should definitely talk!

(We aren’t posting job requirements for specific positions. On purpose. If you’re good, we want you and we’ll make it happen)

Send us your resume