Edgybees is Coming to an Event Near You!

We’re happy to announce that Edgybees will be exhibiting and attending at a number of events over the next couple of months. Among these are:    DGI 2020, the global geospatial intelligence conference in Royal Lancaster London between January 20th to the 22nd.   2020 Ourcrowd Global Investor Summit, one of the fastest-growing tech conferences […]

Edgybees is Coming to CES 2020!

We’re happy to announce that Edgybees will be attending CES in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7th-10th, 2020. CES is one of the most prominent technology conventions in the world, and Edgybees is ready to deliver with our cutting edge Augmented Reality solution. Make sure to stop by our booth and check out our exciting […]

Interview with Menashe Haskin – CTO, Edgybees

With 2019 coming to a close, we took some time to interview Edgybees’ CTO about kicking off 2020. Question 1: How has Edgybees delivered on its ambitious AR promise and what are some 2020 goals in this area? Answer: We’ve gotten a lot of mileage, even though we’ve only scratched the surface. We have already […]

Super Strategy: What is Situational Awareness?

By: Lee Kaplan In the harsh and ever-evolving battlefield, situational awareness is the key to victory. But what is situational awareness, and why are militaries pouring so many resources into advancing this strategy? Situational awareness is the ability to understand one’s surroundings and anticipate future events based on the multiple streams of incoming data from […]


Estonian Rescue

In the Spring of 2019, the Estonian Rescue Board received two simultaneous emergency calls detailing two separate truck collisions, one of which was carrying a dangerous chemical. Fortunately, the local Estonian rescue team had a drone using Edgybees’ augmented reality software. The drone was flown to the location, sending critical situational information to the rescue […]

Computer Vision: Why It Matters

What is Computer Vision? As early as the 1960’s, computer scientists have been trying to give machines the ability to “see” as humans do. The field of computer science of emulating human vision using artificial intelligence and neural networks is called “computer vision”. Not only have scientists succeeded in recreating vision, they have also in […]

From Building Set Top Boxes to Flying Drones: How Amazon Shaped me as an Entrepreneur

By: Menashe Haskin My name is Menashe Haskin, CTO and Co-Founder of Edgybees. I have been developing and managing software development for twenty years, including having founded, managed and sold my own company; YMagic Technologies. I regard the time I spent at Amazon as one of the most rewarding, and definitely the most educating, parts […]



  1.Wait… You Mean Like the Snapchat Dog Filters? Yes and no! I’m sure by now we’ve all seen young people play around with Snapchat and Faceapp, altering their appearances to produce some admittedly funny results. It may sound silly at first, but Augmented Reality is actually Billion-Dollar industry! Simply put, Augmented Reality projects computer-generated […]