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Augmenting the Command & Control Center

March 16, 2020

Command & Control Centers, also known as “Operation Center”, are the beating hearts of many organizations and industries. They are equipped by both hardware and software, and used by organizations to manage critical events as they happen. Industries known to be using these include emergency operations, military units, oil & gas and many more.

Military operations and emergency services need the Ground Control Station as it encompasses all the military tactics that use communications technology. Private enterprises need operations command center for the entire IT network in order to manage the IT infrastructure. Oil, gas, and power companies need command and control centers from which to watch their resources, maintain safe operating conditions and respond to emergencies

How do they operate?

Great amounts of data is continuously collected and streamlined in the means of video footage (CCTV, UAS, Drones, Mobile), maps, team positioning, incident reports into the stations. The data is then analyzed and communicated to the teams at all locations.

The challenge

As data transmissions are growing exponentially, so is the need to make sense of it all. The bigger difficulty is sorting through and differentiating between critical and non-critical information . Who should be receiving, who is sending, and what can be done with all of this data?

What about real-time?

Understanding the data in real-time is key for quick decision making. This is especially critical during emergency situations of disasters like fires, or army missions.

The Solution: seeing everything in one central place

The ideal solution is to streamline the data in real-time, in one place, where everyone can see it and react accordingly. The Command & Control Center is a perfect hub for all this data – which is where Edgybees comes in.

At Edgybees we are able to take any data and layer it over any live footage, to create a uniquely clear view of any scene. Teams on the ground can receive and send information, mark any points of interest, and communicate with the command center and other teams to enable precise situational awareness. This is all done in real-time, under real live conditions, centralizing the operation.

Our customers testify that Edgybees can actually reduce the number of systems at work, while maintaining unprecedented situational awareness. The decision making process becomes much quicker and more accurate, given the fact that there are less screens to look at or maps that are overloaded with data that needs to be analyzed.

Does your organization have a Command & Control center? Which technologies are you using to enable real-time situational awareness?
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