About Edgybees

Edgybees’ pioneering platform delivers real-time, high-speed augmented reality experiences to anything that moves. Using sensors and streaming data, AR application developers can now deliver overlays that keep up with a three-dimensional human experience of high-speed motion.

The Edgybees platform contains a set of unique, patent-pending capabilities packaged in the form of a developer SDK coupled with its back-end SaaS services. This ability opens the door to exciting new consumer and commercial applications of high-speed AR on a wide range of devices.

Edgybees was co-founded in 2016 by Menashe Haskin, former manager of the Amazon Prime Air Israeli development office, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, together with CEO Adam Kaplan and Vice President for Research and Development Nitay Megides.



Menashe Haskin

Co-Founder and CTO

adam kaplan

Adam Scott Kaplan

Co-Founder and CEO


Nitay Megides

Co-Founder and VP R&D


Tal Raviv

Director of Applications