About Edgybees


Edgybees’ technology enables augmented reality (AR) on high speed platforms like drones and cars. Edgybees empowers professional drone operators with unparalleled situational awareness to maximize the effectiveness of aerial operations. Our patent-pending algorithms maintain virtual overlays locked against the real world video stream from cameras mounted on cars, aerial platforms, or body-worn accessories.

Edgybees technology was first applied to an AR racing game for drones, released in conjunction with drone leader DJI in early 2017. Later that year, Edgybees released First Response, a drone-flying app being used by emergency responders to orient themselves in confusing environments and to better track rapidly evolving circumstances. The drone flying app was first used by officials operating in the Florida Keys in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Sept. 2017, where they leveraged mapping overlays to identify distress calls in flooded areas. First Response was most recently used by local authorities to keep firemen out of harm’s way, during the Northern California fires in October 2017. Edgybees plans to expand its AR technology to new verticals, including defense, smart cities, automotive, and broadcast media.

The Edgybees founding team includes CEO Adam Scott Kaplan; who co-founded and served as an executive in technology companies including Xennex Inc. (acquired by Biotime Inc.), Athoc (acquired by Blackberry), and Digital Guardian and Tonian (acquired by Primary Data); CTO Menashe Haskin, who formally managed the Israeli development office of Amazon Prime Air and holds over 35 US patents in the fields of aerospace, video and vision processing, data processing and communication; and Director of Platform Nitay Megides, a robotics and drone expert, who served in the elite Israeli Defense Forces 8200 Unit, and specializes in drone hardware and software design and architecture.