About Edgybees

Edgybees brings full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scenes by creating collaborative virtual worlds of any complex environment with Augmented Real-time Intelligence™.

Edgybees Visual Intelligence Technology™ fuses pioneering 3D video generation, computer vision and multi-sensor data analytics to provide a highly contextual visual presence of non-tangible intelligence.

Military & emergency first responders get instant, accurate visibility & collaboration. Sports enthusiasts enjoy ground-breaking real-time Augmented Commentary™. The auto industry are joining the revolution with real-time car experiences that enhance safety for drivers and fun for passengers like never before.

Edgybees was co-founded in 2016 by Menashe Haskin, former manager of the Amazon Prime Air Israeli development office, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, together with CEO Adam Kaplan and Director of Platform Nitay Megides.


Edgybees partners with world-class companies to bring world class solutions to our customers.

Our Gaming Roots

Edgybees was born with gaming DNA, providing a ground-breaking real-time layer of augmented information into virtual video environments. The game-changing and life-saving benefits to military and first-responders soon became clear.

This simple game-like interface overlaid on to dynamic and complex real-world scenarios proved to eliminate operational ambiguity with visual augmented intelligence and visually-enhanced real-time communication.

Edgybees continues to enjoy our gaming roots with tailored solutions for military training and automotive with augmented reality gaming experience for passengers that compliments the driver’s parallel safe-driving solutions.

Our DronePrix AR game is still available on itunes and enjoyed by players worldwide.